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Female Hirsutism



Female Hirsutism can be characterized as a medical condition which results in having excessive hair growth over the face and body.

This medical condition is known to occur in both men and women but it is more common and often more of a problem in women. Hirsute women suffering from hirsutism will tend to have dark and thick hair over areas such as the chest, face, back, arms, legs and stomach.

Causes Of Female Hirsutism

The number of hirsute women within a population tends to be higher in Mediterranean and some Asian populations. This would indicate towards a genetic link but female hirsutism is also commonly caused by increased ovarian production or excessive adrenal androgen production. Male hormones or androgens also cause other clinical conditions such as acne, irregular menstruation, an increase in body mass etc. Sometimes a woman’s hair follicles can overreact to normal levels of male hormones found in women, leading to hirsutism.

Along with natural causes of female hirsutism, other factors can cause temporary hirsutism such as medication, hormone treatments, birth control pills and steroid use. These usually only cause temporary problems which tend to cease when the medication stops.

Hirsutism And Hypertrichosis

Hirsutism should not be confused with the condition known as Hypertrichosis. With this condition, excessive hair growth occurs where hair is not normally present on the body. You can find out more about Hypertrichosis here.

Treatments Available For Female Hirsutism

There are several treatments available. On of the main causes of Hirsutism, is the release of excessive male hormones due to being overweight. If you are overweight consult your doctor, who will be able to advise on a suitable diet plan and exercise regime. As the weight drops off and fitness increases, hormone levels can drop which often results in a reduction in the problem.

Another solution is to shave the affected areas. This will give you at best a temporary solution as the area will need to be shaved regularly to avoid stubble showing.

For a longer term solution, depilatories can be quite effective. You should always test a small area of skin before using these products as some people have been known to have a skin reaction to the chemicals used.

In areas where the hair growth is finer and not so coarse, you may want to choose the option of bleaching the hair to reduce its visibility. The effectiveness of hair bleaching will depend upon your skin tone and the type of hair that you intend to bleach.

A more costly option but by far the best permanent method of hair removal, is to opt for electrolysis. Electrolysis works by destroying the hair follicle with a minute electrical charge administered at the base of the hair. Other permanent solutions are laser hair removal and thermolysis. These treatments tend to be quite expensive but will produce a much better result than the methods above.

To produce a safe effective result it is essential to have the work done by a professional. Home kits will leave you with an unsatisfactory result and may even lead to scarring.

Finally, you may want to opt for a medical solution. Anti androgen medications are available that aim to reduce the amount of male hormones in the body. These medications eventually slow the growth of the hair. You will need to consult with your doctor if you intend to take this route.


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