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Female Head Shaving



Female Head Shaving



One of the increasingly popular places that women want to shave hair from is their head. At most, for a female head shaving usually amounts to a trim using electric clippers leaving at least some hair.

Sometimes though people want to shave their head completely bald but find the idea intimidating. Head shaving can be done at home and with a little care need not be a big deal. If you would like to shave your head, read on it really is quite simple.

Equipment needed is dependant upon if your hair is already very short as you will only need a razor for this job. If you have long hair, it is advisable to use electric clippers for the first stage.

Head Shaving For Females

Firstly, try and get your existing head hair length down to stubble before attempting to use the razor. You can reduce the length of your hair using a set of electric hair clippers. If your hair is very long, take a few passes at getting your hair down to stubble length. Remove the majority of the hair first with a guard on the clippers, and then re-do the head, with a lower and lower guard until you are at the ideal length for shaving with the razor.

When you are ready to start shaving, it is advisable to get the hair wet to soften the hair. Our advice would be to take a shower. This achieves two objectives; Your hair gets wet and goes much softer, also the head is clean which will reduce the chance of a rash or spottiness occurring.

Time To Start Shaving Your Head

Now, with the hair nice and soft, apply some shaving gel\lotion\foam. Try and get a good quality one which contains Aloe Vera or similar nourishing nutrients. This will help prevent dryness and soreness on the scalp. Don't just slap the shaving gel on your head, gently massage it into the hair and scalp for a few moments. This helps get the hair prepared for the next stage.

Try and get a mirror into a position where you can see the top of your head and if possible another mirror to show you the back. Of course, it would be much easier to get someone else to help you with this task.

The next stage is to start shaving. Take it slowly and steadily with no sudden movements. Glide the razor gently over the head in a stroke motion. DO NOT move the razor side to side at any time as you may cut yourself. Start on the softer areas first and leave the rear of the head till last where the coarser thicker hair is.

For the first pass, shave in the direction of hair growth. When you have completely covered the whole head area, feel the head to see how rough\smooth it is. If you have sensitive skin, we would advise that you re-gel your head and take another pass with the razor in the direction of hair growth.

On the other hand, you may want to shave against the hair growth to get the closest shave possible. Be warned that this may result in bumpy spots and\or in growing hairs. As you get used to shaving your head, you will learn how and what works best for you.

When you have finished, rinse off your head and pat dry with a towel. If you feel any type of irritation, use an Aloe Vera or Vitamin E based soothing lotion.

It's that simple! Enjoy you new look!

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