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One of the most common places that people want hair removed from is the face. This need for permanent facial hair removal applies to both men and women alike.

Men traditionally want hair removed from the chin but more recently eyebrows, nose, and ears have all become targets for facial hair removal. Women tend to concentrate on the upper lip and eyebrows. Also in older ladies rogue hairs on the chin and nose.

Permanently Removing Facial Hair

The degree as to which facial hair becomes a problem is down to the individual. More often than not though, darker or thicker hairs that stand out tend to be what most people wish to remove.

Like many, you are probably wondering what the ‘best’ method of facial hair removal is. Some methods are just traditionally carried out; passed down the generation’s mother to daughter – father to son. From shaving, to plucking and tweezing. With so many products and treatments available for facial hair removal, choosing the best method can be difficult.

As mentioned above, women who have what would be considered excessive facial hair, tend to get it across the upper lip, down the sides of the face and sometimes on the chin. The problem here is that shaving is not an option.

Facial Hair Removal Options

With some areas having quite a lot of hair follicles, plucking is also not an option. So what does this leave?

What is needed is a method that can remove hair over a wider area such as waxing or depilatories. If your budget allows, electrolysis and laser treatment may be worth investigating.

What are depilatories?

Depilatories usually come in cream form and contain a chemical that dissolves the hair near the surface of the skin when applied. They are a cheap short-term facial hair removal method. The advantages of this type of facial hair removal are it’s inexpensive, can be done in the home is fast and usually pain free. The disadvantages are the effects are very short lived, no longer than several days. Also they can cause skin irritation and even burning.

For permanent facial hair removal, electrolysis or laser treatments offer a more suitable solution. Both are fairly expensive options but in smaller areas around the face can offer a cost effective permanent solution.

Waxing can offer a solution that is somewhere between the two. You have the advantages of cheaper cost and ease of treatment but the results will last much longer than with depilatories. The disadvantages are the fact that it is quite a painful treatment and is non-permanent.


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