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If you are looking for a permanent hair removal method that will give you a better result than shaving, without the expense of laser treatment or electrolysis treatments at a beauty salon or hair salon and spa then you may want to give epilators a try.

Epilators are manufactured by several companies but I would advise that you go for either a Braun epilator, Panasonic or Phillips epilator. Also consider a Remington epilator as these are well known established makes.

An epilator will give you a result that will last you up to 4 week. This is the sort of result you would expect from tweezing or waxing.

What is an Epilator?

Philips epilator

An epilator is unlike a razor in that it doesn't cut the hair. An epilator employs a mechanism that will actually pull the hair out by the root. This is similar to tweezing except that an epilator will remove several hairs at once giving a much quicker efficient result.

The main disadvantage with epilators is that the process can be quite painful. This pain will subside each time the epilator is used until the discomfort levels are quite low.

TIP: To avoid too much pain in the early days, have the area you wish to remove hair from waxed first and then use the epilator to prevent re-growth of the hair.

There are three main types of epilator. The earlier models are rotating spring epilators, there are rotating disc epilators and the more modern tweezer epilator.

Rotating Spring Epilator

This type of epilator has been phased out now. If you are buying an epilator, do not get this type as it will be an older model. This type of epilator used a spring in the head of the device that was slightly bowed. This caused the spring to 'pinch' up on one side. You would have placed this on the area you want the hair removed from. As the head rotated, it would pinch the hair and pull it out. This type was replaced with the rotating disc epilator.

Rotating Disc Epilator

The rotating disc epilator works in a similar fashion to the spring types except that it employs a row of rotating discs instead of a spring. As the discs rotate, they come together and as they do so, they grab the hair. As it continues to rotate, it then pulls the hair out. This system has been further refined to produce the modern type of epilator, the tweezer epilator.

Tweezer Epilator

The tweezer epilator works on a similar principle to the rotating disc epilator. The difference is that the tweezer epilator has metal plates mounted in a plastic housing in the head of the device. As the head rotates, the plates briefly push together once per revolution pulling the hair out. The whole cycle produces an action of grab - pull - discard with the hair.

Aside from the discomfort involved, the disadvantage of this type of epilator is that sometimes the hairs may break off instead of being pulled out. This can result in a stubbly feel to the whole area.

So, if you like the idea of having a smooth hairless body that will last up to four weeks but you don't want the expense of laser hair removal or electrolysis, why not give epilators a try.


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