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Electrolysis, Thermolysis and Blend Method


Hair Electrolysis  

If you are trying to decide which is the best method of permanent hair removal you may find the choices overwhelming. The main options that you have are thermolysis, electrolysis and what is known as the blend method.  

There are several other methods that claim to be the best method for permanent removal but these three have been proven over the years. Which method you choose is dependent upon your skin sensitivity, tolerance to pain and financial status. Let’s take a look at electrolysis first.


Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method.

Electrolysis works by physically damaging the hair follicle so that further hairs cannot grow. The technique used, is to place a small fine tipped probe into the hair follicle itself. Once inserted, a small electrical current is passed down the probe and into the hair follicle. This electrical current, causes a reaction to take place in the hair follicle. Inside each hair follicle there are small amounts of water and salt compounds. These react when stimulated by the electrical current and produce a compound called ‘Lye’. This damages the hair follicle and thus loosens the hair from the follicle at which point it is pulled out, usually with tweezers.

Although electrolysis is one of the most effective techniques for permanent hair removal, it can have a few draw backs. Mainly, that it is quite a painful procedure and quite expensive. Coupled with a requirement for several follow up treatments this method is not for everybody. It is also recommended to have the procedure done by a recognized qualified technician. In the wrong hands, electrolysis can result in hair re-growth or worse cause irreparable skin damage.


Thermolysis works on a similar principle to electrolysis. The difference here is that instead of using an electrical current, high frequency energy is sent down the tip of the probe. This radiated out into the hair follicle and heats the surrounding tissue. This heat is what damages the dermal pilla (base) of the hair follicle to the point where hair ceases to grow.

Tests have show that this method of hair removal is not as effective as electrolysis. Treatment should be left to a trained technician as scarring and burning could occur if performed incorrectly.

Blend Method

The blend method as it is known is a combination of the two methods mentioned above. The blend method takes the best of both techniques and produces a faster and more efficient treatment. The heat generated by thermolysis is combined with the chemical transformation to ‘lye’ of electrolysis giving heated lye. This is what damages the hair follicle to prevent hair growth. This method is particularly effective on thicker coarser hairs.

Electrolysis, Thermolysis and Blend have been proven to be effective hair removal treatments. Due to the fact that they involve probes being inserted into the hair follicles, it’s imperative that these procedures are done properly by a professional technician to provide correct implementation and sterility.

These methods although permanent are not really suited to large areas of hair removal. Methods such as waxing should be considered for such tasks.


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