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armpit shaving


Shaving your armpits is a lifestyle choice. A lot of women choose to shave their armpits because it makes them feel more feminine and hygienic. More recently, men have started shaving their armpits too.

Very often, shaving your armpits can lead to soreness and redness. It is important to know how to do it properly.

Follow these tips and you can have smooth hair free, cut free, razor burn free armpits.

Note - If this is your first time shaving your armpits and the hair is quite long, it would be ideal to reduce the length of the hair before using a razor. You can do this by using a set of clippers or a pair of scissors. If you cannot reduce the hair length first, a razor will do the job but you will have to take it more slowly than if you just had stubble. Use short strokes rather than long strokes if the hair is long.

Shaving Your Armpits

1) Always try and shave your armpits whilst you are taking a bath or shower. The hot water will soften up the hairs and reduce the chances of getting a shaving rash, red bumps or soreness.

2) If you are taking a shower, make sure you shave your armpits at the end of the shower. This will ensure the hairs are soft enough. If you are taking a bath, wait until you have been in the bath 5 or ten minutes.

3) Apply a shaving cream or gel and work up into a lather. Make sure you work it in well and all of the armpit hair is covered.

4) Raise your arm and gently apply the razor to the top of the armpit. Slowly slide the razor down the armpit until you have reached the bottom. Repeat this until all of the shaving cream has been removed. If you have sensitive skin, skip the next point. Rinse the razor between each stroke to prevent the razor clogging up.

5) You can get a closer shave if you now shave in the other direction. Shaving up the armpit will lift the hairs at the base and give you a smoother shave. Repeat the shaving process but go up instead of down.

6) Repeat the whole thing on the other armpit.

7) If you cut yourself, get out of the hot water and rinse the area with cold water. If this doesn't stop the bleeding, you could try using a styptic pencil or a piece of tissue.

8) When drying yourself, do not rub the parts you have shaved. This will cause red bumps and soreness because you will be rubbing bacteria into the open pores. Simply pat dry the area and apply a moisturizer. Try and use a moisturizer that contains no perfume as this will prevent any possible soreness.


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